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The match acronym DotA DotA, un mod de Warcraft III that launched a genre in itself (los MOBA) and created the basis for current hits like League of Legends.

DotA AI map is customized popular Warcraft III mod that includes computer-controlled players by artifical intelligence. It is the best place for beginners in DotA, because here you can learn the skills of their heroes and train before jumping into the arena of battle against other players.

With this version you will not have to suffer the humiliation by your opponents and your allies anger, and you will be free to experiment with all combinations of the game, as you please. Map version is somewhat outdated compared to the normal version, but the change is barely palpable.

DotA is a game halfway between the wildest strategy and role, with a single to start approach but with great depth in the medium term. So much so, DotA today is a major benchmark for e-sports, and tournaments with prizes millionaires are held around the globe.

By Rafael Cervera

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