Don't Starve

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If you think you had seen everything in games survival and adventure, Do not starve surprise you.

This is an original title that will bring us into the role of scientific Wilson, I deceived by the Devil himself just in an inhospitable and wild place where survival is a challenge every day.

No help, or tutorials. We'll have to explore the world and experience with our environment to make tools, weapons, armor and a host of elements that will help us assure us food and survive another day… and hopefully find a way back home.

You might remember a little adventurer proposal Minecraft. But if the title of Mojang takes us towards building, do not starve on what prevails is the adventure, and discover the secrets of our own history…

Do not be fooled by his friendly style graphics Tim Burton, Similar to a animated cartoon. The world is unforgiving do not starve, and the map is randomly generated each time you start from scratch. Will you be able to accept the challenge? From here I recommend it as it is hilarious.

By Rafael Cervera

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