Digitally Imported Radio

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If you like listening to the radio and take your favorite music everywhere, Digitally Imported Radio is an app you can not miss.

Digitally Imported Radio It is a well organized app in which you'll find a multitude of channels that you will be able to listen to your favorite music. For that, you should only access its interface and select whether you want to hear jazz, for example, electronic music, chill out, etc. further, in Digitally Imported Radio    you will also have the function of programmer and you can use the app in the background to continue listening to music while you send an SMS, email or playing your favorite games.

Digitally Imported Radio will allow you to share your favorite music with all your contacts from social networks, so that everyone knows what it is you're listening to every moment.

Digitally Imported Radio    is an app as complete, with hundreds of channels that you are getting the best music of the past, present and future.

By Nuria Capdevila

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