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WordReference.com It is currently one of the dictionaries and translators on the network that has greater confidence among users. Now you can enjoy this service with a convenient application for your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. In WordReference you will find dictionaries definitions for different languages ​​and translators, but also, discussion forums on the use of the words or their most successful translations, compound forms, verb conjugations, and much more.

WordReference dictionaries are not downloaded, but consult online, whereby, when you want to use this dictionary, you must have Internet access on your mobile device. Despite offer a variety of linguistic resources, WordReference takes place in a very clear interface that lets you find what you want and navigate the application easily.

Every time you search for a word in WordReference, will show his translation, its meaning, different meanings, compound forms, phonetic transcription, related words… The Spanish verbs, French and Italian conjugation tables feature so that you know how to spell tense you need to express. Also find a Dictionary of Synonyms for Spanish.

If all that information has not yet given to the definition or more appropriate translation for your context, You can also view the questions that have been made in the User Forum regarding that concept; if any can help you, do yourself a question, sure your users, many of them professionally dedicated to languages, may help. You can also hear the pronunciation of the word you are looking, if what you need is to communicate orally.

Any doubts with some language? WordReference.com Dictionary will he solve in seconds on the screen of your iOS device. One of the most complete language resources and best valued free on your iPhone, for you never run with the word in the mouth.

By Carlos Cruz

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