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Ease of use, power and flexibility combine to provide the user with the commercial global control of business management and / or General Accounting or Management, with a graphical interface, consistent and intuitive.

either Opera, natively, in Mac OS X systems (Apple Macintosh) and Windows PC (any version: Windows 95, 7, 8.1, Windows 10…). It is even possible to combine both types of computers in a mixed LAN, sharing the same data file. Data files are compatible with both platforms, no prior conversion required.

TOTAL SECURITY, WITH SUPPORT, Training and ongoing assistance.-
CONTAEXPRESS® V integrates a free service Training, Support and Updates, from date of purchase, for a full year, so that this solution business management and accounting for Mac and Windows always finds a day.

GENERAL ACCOUNTING PROGRAM for Mac and Windows (Modality “C”).-
This is the type of product that is used to manage the General Accounting any SME (no limit on the number of accounts or companies that can be automated with a single License). Automates specific files accounts Customers and Suppliers, but does not carry the “commercial management” itself (bills, budgets, albaranes, requests, warehouses, articles, price lists… etc.), limited exclusively to tasks “accounting” and tax (but includes generation SEPA Remittance receivable / payable and Portfolio Management, which they are typical features of Commercial Management). Your Financial Accounting is complemented by a Budget Accounting, to which is also added Fixed Assets Management and Analytical Accounting, no additional cost, Remittances addition to the SEPA issue (as it has been said), both receivables and transfers, and a full Maturities Manager. It produces and print any 'book’ and numerous official reports, and generates electronic filing documents (Model 303, 340, 347… etc.). This excellent Accounting for SMEs is linkable and compatible with the Commercial Management Module local network.

COMMERCIAL MANAGEMENT PROGRAM for Mac and Windows (Modality “F”).-
This is the type of product that is used to control the commercial management of any SME, even if it has “outsourced” its accounting work with an agency or consultancy, however you need a flexible software application that automates all the tasks associated with its Business Management, especially in regard to the inventory control, price lists, families of articles, movements in and out, requests, budgets, requests, albaranes, bills, SEPA bank remittances effects, newspapers receipts… etc. This Business Management for SMEs is compatible with Mac and Windows, and it is a standalone program, although it can optionally be linked to the General Accounting mode within a local network, or by simple processes export and import.

integrated application, in a single 'package', which allows both carry Commercial Management and General Accounting of any company, creating dynamic links between the two modules. The program computerized filling, recording and printing typical business documents (budgets, requests, bills, albaranes…), ultimately leading to the posting invoices (Customer or Supplier), annotation collection and updating tax and accounting (Ledger, Diary book, Joined, balances, taxes, bills, Telematic models sent to the Tax Office, as 303, 340, 347… etc.). CONTAEXPRESS V is whether the general control of the entire company management is needed the most simple and intuitive and higher performance tool. It is the closest thing to an ERP for Mac and Windows, either running on Mac OS X and Windows PC.

By Benjamin Segura

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