Coast by Opera

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Coast is a web browser for iPad created by parents of Opera, the famous browser that has already been offering a great experience years in other platforms.

According to its creators, Coast is the best browser for iPad by Stras 3 reasons:

  • 1) Each design element has been carefully Coast created for iPad. It is not only an escalation mobile interface to fit the screen.
  • 2) It is comfortable, It looks great and works with intuitive touch gestures.
  • 3) a number of technologies that work under the surface to ensure fast and safe navigation.

Coast is different from other browsers on the market. You will not see any additional feature, as traditional markers, Setup Menu, address bar… It does not include navigation mode “Turbo” Opera nor can synchronize data with other equipment navigation.

However Coast is fully adapted to the iPad experience, more even than Safari, the default browser Apple. Saved web pages are placed and reordered as icons in our own way. On the other hand, recently visited sites appear as logos on the bottom bar.

To search, you just have to write the page in the large central search box, and you will be appearing suggestions. To move through the pages, we will only use touch gestures, because the interface does not show controls Coast. Swipe down, for example, It reload the page.

With the icon on the top right, we can minimize a page to see other, eliminate dragging up or open security information dragging down. In the bottom right there is an icon for sharing, print or set a page as Home screen.

A simplistic browser, nice and adapted to the conditions of the iPad. But nevertheless, those who are more accustomed to life browsers may not end up getting used to the top.

By Rafael Cervera

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