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BURGER KING® España It is the official implementation of this chain of restaurants we have in Spain where we can enjoy a full menu prices for the most affordable. In BURGER KING® España, your customers will always have a lot of discounts and promotions that sometimes do not have access not being aware of them. Now, with BURGER KING® España we will have it very easy for us not escape any of them.

In BURGER KING® España, users will find a grain number of special discounts and promotions that can leverage depending on your requirements. While there are some that apply to children's menus, the other two menus offer us the price of one, for example, discounted prices for desserts, etc.

further, we can also see the caloric contribution of all menus that are available in the store, the energy value and many other nutritional information that we are interested.

In BURGER KING® España, also find the list of shops you get closer and you can share with your friends on social networks all the advantages of promotions that this app offers.

By Carmen Manzanares

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