Apple Music

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If you have always liked the developments of Apple for being as complete while they are also the most intuitive for you, now you have an app that should not stop downloading: Apple Music.

Many artists, issues and all the music you like

En Apple Music, You'll be able to hear all the music you want and you can have all your favorite bands and singers well organized in an ideal interface to find everything you look at all times. You can choose the songs you like and organize them into playlists, well as you can search by group name, by the name of the albums or songs, etc.

Discover new bands and artists

En Apple Music, you can also discover a lot of new music and similar groups to which you hear is that Apple Music you will at all times give suggestions based on your playlists so you can discover new groups, styles and enjoy music as varied.

A complete player

As the player Apple Music, we must say that is quite simple and that lets you listen to straight or songs in a random order if you do not like hearing the same and in the same way. You can also share the music you listen, put I like or do not like in different songs, etc.

A free trial of the most complete

A diferencia de Google Play Music, Apple Music you'll have a free trial 90 days, in which you'll be able to hear all the music you like without having to pay anything at all. This itself is a screening test as we deserve!

By Nuria Capdevila

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