America's Army: Proving Grounds

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America’s Army: Proving Grounds It is the new delivery Official Game of the United States Army of America. A military shooter that is a statement of intent on the part of that institution, and even a claim for those who are interested in enlisting in said body.

But America's Army can also be just a game, one that offers realistic features by one of the largest armies in the world. If you've enjoyed many games were the protagonists, now it will be more so.

It functions as a kind of training in which test not only aim if not the tactics and combat moves in squad for a varied number of missions, such as assaults and similar buildings. This is not to shoot everything that moves, if not achieve our goal neutralizing the enemy with the least possible civilian and allied casualties.

But that does not mean we can not enjoy action shooter and a good variety of weapons and attachments based on their real models. If you are a lover of military shooter, surely you want to try this America's Army; Besides, promise new missions periodically, actions taken on set in the fictional region Czervenia.

By Rafael Cervera

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