AirPush Detector

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AirPush Detector is an open source application that helps you remove those annoying ads that reach the notification bar of your Android. What it does is not blocking advertisements, but to identify which of your applications is to blame and help you easily uninstall.

Most free apps include advertising (It is not, that is free), and many of them also use methods rather annoying, as full-screen banners or advertisements in your notification bar. If you have many apps installed on your Android smartphone or tablet and do not know which of you installed is sending advertising via push notifications, AirPush active detector and have the answer in a few seconds.

Once you have identified the applications that you are filling the notification bar advertising annoying, you can decide if you want to get rid of them or buy the paid version, if you decide to keep them as such, the app in question will continue sending you the same advertising. If you want to uninstall apps that you send ads to the notification bar, from AitPush Detector you can do with a simple click.

If you want to get rid of advertising on notifications but do not know what app is that you have to uninstall, Detector AirPush completely free download (without advertising) en tu smartphone o tablet Android. An open source app simple, but effective.

By Carlos Cruz

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