4EDU Teacher Notebook PRO

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4EDU Teacher Notebook PRO It is an app of the best designed and very functional for all teachers who want to have everything under control. With this app, there is nothing you escape.

4EDU Teacher Notebook PRO Notebook is a teacher but as complete. At, You'll be able to upload the photos of your students, make evaluations and keep track of notes. You can also plan all your classes, make the necessary programming, set your schedule, have the schedule of interviews that have to do with parents, arrange for meetings of school and more.

further, everything you have in this booklet can be exported to print, so you can always have on paper all you need. 4EDU Teacher Notebook PRO also it offers the possibility to import information you have on your computer, so you should not have information on different sites or you should not retype.

Undoubtedly, 4EDU Teacher Notebook PRO It is a good tool for the most demanding teachers.

By Nuria Capdevila

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